Natalie’s Wine of the Month

natI’m always searching for special opportunities to feature wines that I buy in really large quantities at hugely discounted prices. Here’s how it works: I scrounge around looking to capitalize on someone else’s mistake. I know it sounds dastardly, but really – it’s not!

Wholesalers make commitments to wineries for certain quantities. It’s a bit of a guessing game. Sometimes they over-buy and need to clear out inventory before a newer vintage is released. Or sometimes the wholesaler’s relationship with the winery has changed – they aren’t going to continue to represent the brand but the fodders are full… you get the idea. The only thing I insist on when I’m securing my wines of the month, is that whatever I’m considering is of outstanding quality and is deeply discounted. Red, white, or pink – it matters not – so long as what’s in the bottle is something I feel is worthy of a massive buy – worthy of your attention.

We always display them in the same spot in each of our stores so they’re easy to spot. Our core customers know from all the years we’ve been doing this that whatever it is we’re featuring for our wine of the month is definitely worth trying. Then the trick is to come back before it’s gone forever!

Featured Wine of the Month:
Argiolas Costera

Check out the Argiolas Costera, made from 100% Cannonau grapes, and taste all of the subtle nuances indigenous to the Island of Sardina (off the coast of Italy). It’s a red wine, with deep and soulful flavors. The winery has been around since the 1900s, and is on their third generation of family winemakers

At just $11.99, I can’t imagine a better crafted terroir-driven wine. Shop with my brothers and me at all 3 of our Atlas locations. Click the audio bar below to hear my commercial.

A votre sante!

Click the player above to listen to audio of our 92.9 wine of the month.