John McKusick, Beer Director

John McKusick. Beer Director for Atlas Liquors

My name is John McKusick, and I am one of the Beer Directors over here at Atlas Liquors in Medford. The nice folks here at Atlas have asked me to write a few words about beer for you, our customers.

There are a great many opinionated people these days writing about beer. If there is anything that sets me apart from any of the typical beer bloggers on the internet, perhaps it is that I have devoted half my life to the pursuit of knowledge on the subject. I’d say we are currently at the crest of a great Renaissance in the world of beer, maybe even the greatest of all time. With the advancements in modern technology, access to the information of every style of beer ever made, and a penchant to recreate historical, seasonally appropriate brews, today’s brewers provide us with and endless array of tantalizing libations that not only satiate our thirst but pique the interest of even the most seasoned critic. What a day to be alive. If we could only sit down and share a Hill Farmstead Wine Barrel Aged Saison with Samuel Adams or Ben Franklin, what would they think? We could say hey, look what magic will happen because of the trail you blazed.

One of the fun roles I have here at Atlas Liquors is to see what is available to us from our distributors each week for fresh, new beer. I liken the job to going to the fish market to provide you today’s catch. So this spot is a mechanism for me to pick out a few of the more special “Brewskis” that appear on our shelves, and to tell you a little more about what they are and why they came to be there and even about the people who made them. We have a special beer culture in Massachusetts, and we should do as much as we can to be part of it, support it, strengthen it, and cherish it. It brings great joy to the lives of many.