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Mon – Thurs 9am to 8pm | Fri & Sat 9am to 9pm | Sunday 10am to 6pm

wineTableAtlas Liquors is a family owned and operated business which was founded by our grandfather in the 1930’s. Quality products at affordable prices backed by reliable service were the cornerstones of Atlas Liquors from the very beginning. Throughout three generations, the simple basics have helped us grow from one of the first discount liquor store in Massachusetts to serving most of the Greater Boston community from our operations in Medford, Quincy, and Roslindale.

Jeff, Natalie, and Peter of Atlas LiquorsCompany FAQs: Louis White, our grandfather, was a butcher during prohibition. When prohibition ended, he got one of the first liquor licenses and started selling liquor out of his grocery. That turned out to be such a savvy decision that he eventually transitioned to all liquor.. Click here to see our family photos.

Store milestones:

  • Lou White was one of the first presidents of IGA Statewide:
  • 1st discounted liquor store in Massachusetts
  • 1st self service liquor store
  • 1st liquor store to use female clerks (always forward thinking and ahead of his time)
  • 1st liquor store to use shopping carriages…. fill em up!
  • one of the first to be online

Atlas Liquors Commercial

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About Our Medford Renovations

General Manager, Jeff Fine: “We pride ourselves on keeping to our mission statement. We are a discount store and we offer quality products at discounted prices. We appreciate and celebrate our customers, the same as we have since the end of prohibition – we don’t take advantage of them.”