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Welcome to Natalie’s Wine Blog

The blogging piece for me is new.  I’d love to know what YOU would like, if anything, to read from me. Favorite wine-related topics, experiences, happenings, food/wine pairings.  Shoot me a note at, or on our facebook page.  I anticipate some hiccups from myself, especially since I’m sort of uncomfortable with the whole concept, so please – weigh in.  If I’m completely off-track, boring, snarky or offensive let me know, and I’ll keep trying to provide you with content that resonates with you.


New age consumerism – the missing connection

Four People Using Communication Equipment

I think we can all agree that the way we consume and shop has changed over the years. We live in a global economy where we can buy fresh raspberries in January, click on an icon and download the “it” movie right to our televisions, and have Amazon deliver whatever we desire the same day we order. But I’m not so sure that’s a good thing. It’s impersonal, isolating, and conducive to continuing to live life at break-neck speed. We’ve become less patient. Our attention spans have dwindled.  We’re less likely to read whole articles and instead gravitate to snippets of information. And our communication has been challenged. Good communication involves active listening, eye contact, and interpersonal skills. Continue reading